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About us.

Do you have any idea how much water you spend each day? I bet you don't. An average person has a usage of 114 liters a day.

But hey, we're on a mission!

We all know economical and ecological thinking is becoming a real state of mind, but some people might need a helping hand. And that's when Drippeo is there! It's an investment to save not only water but also money. Our software will understand after X number of times when you shower. If you shower every day at 7 pm and enter it, our software will understand that. And that's how you can save easily. On water, and money.

Smart Technology

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Our product.

A smart water meter that follows your consumption closely. Enter each device in your house with the necessary info and Drippeo will do the rest. We compare your data with others and can thus determine what an average consumption is. After this we provide tailor-made tips and tricks and show you where you can save.

Our measurement is going to be correct. Up to the liter. But where the liters go is up to the user. That is part of the awareness. We want the user to say “yes, then I took a bath, then I used the washing machine. I really didn't know I used so much water, time to do something about that.”

In combination with a very intelligent software.